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I have been going to Valley Chiropractic & Wellness for a year now and after a lifetime of seeing different chiropractors in various parts of the country, this is the first time I have enjoyed not only seeing a chiropractor, but I have had wonderful results in areas I thought I had to live with. In the past I only went when I couldn't stand the pain anymore. Now it is a pleasure to keep my back and body in great shape. 

Satisfied Patient

We are so happy that we took our daughter to Valley Chiropractic. She used to have this gorilla scoot and after her first adjustment, she finally took her fist steps at 15 months! We still take her in to make sure she is aligned and feeling good! Thank you Valley Chiropractic and Wellness!

Happy Parent

We were very surprised to get relief from shoulder and hip arthritis. The adjustments at Valley Chiropractic have made great improvements in our backs and knees. Very happy with our treatments at Valley Chiropractic.

Mike & Gail

We started taking our daughter in when she was 2 months old to hopefully get help for her digestion and colic. I can't express the amount of happiness we have had from bringing her in! She couldn't be comfortable for a few minutes without screaming in pain and now she can lay down for 45 minutes at a time! She went from going poop 1 time every 4 days to pooping everyday! She also is able to release gas herself now, too. We are so thankful for what Valley Chiropractic & Wellness has done and still continues to do for our daughter. Thank you for helping us and caring so much for our baby!

Relieved Parent

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